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Phone repair services in Macclesfield

North West Digital Solutions specialise in a range of phone services throughout the Macclesfield area. If you are seeking phone installation or repair, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We can install and maintain services from a wide range of providers.


Because our engineers also have experience with aerials and other technology, we are confident that we can provide a fully structured solution for you. Call 01625 429 195 or 07946 492 929.

What services do we offer?

Our engineers are trained to work with a variety of different providers. Regardless of the type of phone services, we can usually repair or troubleshoot it. We also install systems from all providers.

Why choose us?

• All engineers are experienced and knowledgeable in telecommunications

• We are able to troubleshoot and repair line issues

• We work with a variety of service providers

• We take care of multi-room requirements

Review our other services

Because we are a multifaceted business, we can provide a fully structured digital service solution for you. We can also manage aerial services for you, as well as Freesat and Freeview installations. Further, we can handle all satellite television service requests. Contact us in Macclesfield to find out more today.

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